Friday, July 25, 2008

7 Months Later...

Wow. Seven months since I've posted anything, and nothing has changed, really. Still living my so-called life, still working in Hell's Kitchen.

Movie Reviews (because you care about what I think):

Cloverfield: Killer movie. A rejuvenation to the giant monster movie genre. With early trailers making me think "Gojira" the movie itself, as well as Clover him/herself, had me on the edge of my seat, sometimes literally. Just ask Stan. *****

Iron Man: Sweet movie. Back in the day, the number one name being thrown about for the leading role of Tony Stark/Iron Man was Tom Cruise. I'm SO glad someone in Hollywood has half a brain to get Robert Downey Jr. for the lead instead. Visual effects were killer, as was the practical suit created by special effects wizard, the late, great Stan Winston. *****

The Incredible Hulk: "You are the all-seeing, all-dancing Hulk of the world." Visions of Fight Club dancing in my head, I went to see Hulk with high expectations (one of them being "I hope this is better than the Ang Lee film") and was not disappointed. Especially satisfying was the cameos of Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno (Big Lou also did the voice of the Hulk in this movie: "Hulk Smash!"). Also the actual look of the Hulk was better than the first movie: in the first, he was a light green and looked... soft; in this movie he was a darker green (straight out of the graphic novels) and looked harder and stronger, each muscle standing out in high-def detail. *****

The Dark Knight: This was the most recent movie I've seen so it's still fresh in my mind and it's still great. I can't think of anything else to say. ****** (out of five)

I've seen other movies, but can't remember any right now.

Other things that got my attention:

UFC: Anderson Silva moving up in weight class. His first match against James "The Dirtman" (or whatever) Irvin tells me Silva found a new playground to dominate.

The Watchmen Trailer: Holy shit! Each scene in this trailer looks like a panel taken right out of the graphic novel. The next can't wait for movie, probably the first can't miss movie of 2009.

The Day the Earth Stood Still trailer: Keanu Reeves "kinda" looks like a good choice for the alien Klaatu, but the moviemakers completely missed the point of the original. Of course with today's movie audiences, the original would be considered a "snore fest" with it's slow pace and lack of action. At least Gort will be showing up (if you watch the last couple of seconds closely).

Heroes Volume Three - Villians: The commercials currently showing on NBC show a lot, but yet not enough. But of course, I'll be there to see what happens. Nathan and Niki/Jessica still alive? Gotta wait and see.

Well, the time on the wall tells me it's now past 5 in the morning, and I have to work tonight, which means it's time for bed... later.

Catch y'all on tha flypp syde, yo.

-Bigg D

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