Friday, May 18, 2007

Uhh... what?

All right. First...

All the art I'm showing off is old stuff, at least a couple of months to about a year old. I'm taking a small break from drawing to focus on what I really want to do (artwise, that is). The last time I took a hiatus from drawing, it lasted 6 months, until my buddy came to me with a project he wanted to collaberate on with me. The project never went past the character sketch stage, but it brought back my love for drawing. So this, too, shall pass.


First, some characters from my sci-fi/cyberpunk work.

This is Mark Thirteen. Get it? It's from the Bible: "And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh shall be spared..." St. Mark 13:20. It's end of days/son of perdition type stuff.

Finally, BALLA!

L8r, all.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Work sucks. Get Crunk!

All right, y'all. I'm back, and survived another night at Denny's. Now, LET THE WEEKEND BEGIN! Oh, I can hear you now:

You: But, Dane. It's Sunday. The weekend's over.

That's pretty much how most of my conversations go (well, not really; just building street cred... on my self-promoting blog, no less).

Okay, enough blah blah blah. More art. This time, from this fantasy world I've been building in my *snort* spare time. *uncontrollable laughter*

Anyways, onwards...

Conor mac Mane mac Eogan, AKA Conor Wolf's Child, AKA Wolfchild, AKA Farwander. I have a lot planned for this guy.

Draegyn mac Sidhe ("shee". Commonly "faerie"). Here I called him "Kinslayer". A former Brandubh ("Black Raven," a group of assassins). The marks on his face (to be in red) are his exile marks.

Tallyn Stormrider, swordmaiden. The Stormrider clan is both respected and feared for their fighting skills.

Bregan mac Fergus, AKA Doomwalker. "Doom follows in his tread."

Good gods, I put WAY too much thought into this stuff.

Well, that's all fer now. I need sleep. L8r, y'all.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


So... my first post.

About me: I'm the late-night cook at the local Denny's. When I'm not working or sleeping during daylight hours (the daylight burns me), I watch movies (or watch Scarface yet again), play video games (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is my current fav), read, write, draw, walk the dog (not a euphemism; my dog Scout), and get crunk wit' my homies.

I need a life, I know.

Oh, some art: The first is CJ from San Andreas... possibly. Call it an artist's rendition. The other two are characters from this dark urban fantasy story I've been working on for years. They don't have official names; I've been calling them Hunter and Ghost.

Well, I'm tired. The sun is out which means it's time for bed. L8r, y'all.